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Special Ed

Special Ed

A modern day allegory about Edward who is rather special.

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MORE About THIS Self Esteem Children's Books

A modern day allegory about disability awareness and a boy named Special Ed whose abilities make him rather special. And sometimes we forget that, "we say that he is special but we treat him like he's not. As if the meaning of the word, we simply just forgot." The illustrations make it appropriate for young kids, yet the message also addresses adults. It gives the readers the opportunity to share feelings that they have for others, but don't always express.

This book, along with the other books in Rudner's collection, will charm their way into the imaginations of children everywhere. Barry Rudner is a writer of children's character-building self-esteem books and has been called a "Modern Day Dr. Seuss." Illustrated by Peggy Trabalka.

ISBN10: 978-1-940775
ISBN13: 978-1-940775-19-7
Author: Barry Rudner
Publisher: Nick Of Time Media, Inc.
Publication Date:
Pages: 28
Age Range: K-6, Parents

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