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Silent Voice
Silent Voice

Silent Voice

A modern day allegory about autism awareness, reminding us that "The only ought in autism is that we ought not ever give up. Ever."

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A modern day allegory about autism awareness that silently, and without warning, affects one in eighty-eight children. The illustrations make it appropriate for young kids, yet the message also addresses adults.†

This book, along with the other books in Rudner's collection, will charm their way into the imaginations of children everywhere. Barry Rudner is a writer of children's character-building self-esteem books and has been called a "Modern Day Dr. Seuss." Illustrated by Peggy Trabalka.


ISBN10: 978-1-940775
ISBN13: 9781940775104
Author: Barry Rudner
Publisher: Nick Of Time Media, Inc.
Publication Date:
Pages: 28
Age Range: K-6, Parents

Silent Voice
Mamta Madhavan

Silent Voice by Barry Rudner is a heartwarming story that revolves around autism, throws light on the autism community at large, and will open readers' eyes to their silent voice. The book speaks about those children who are born different and whose behavior sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. They do not do what normal children tend to do while growing up; like not playing hide-and-seek, no blowing bubbles, no giggles, no twirling like a top, and not doing many things that children do. The book describes them as children who are tangled like balls of yarn, knots in a rope, and they play all alone.

Written in poetic form, the book connects readers with the behavior of autistic children and how they are different from normal kids. The illustrations are beautiful and they give clarity to the authorís words and concept. Itís a must-read for all those who are dealing with autistic children, at home, school, and anywhere else. It is an excellent bedtime storybook as children can be told about why certain children behave differently and can be used for read aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries.

The author handles a sensitive topic with great skill and gives a voice to the silent voices of these kids. He reaches out to readers with his beautiful words and illustrations. For all those working and dealing with autistic children, this book is a reminder of how beautiful these kids are and that one should never ever give up on them.

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