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The Littlest Tall Fellow

The Littlest Tall Fellow

A modern day fairy tale about reaching for your dreams.

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This colorfully illustrated modern day fairy tale introduces "The Littlest Tall Fellow" as he learns the truth that, "If you reach for your dreams you will never be small." Author Barry Rudner continues the story in his Little Tall Fellow Series, each in rhyme, each with a lesson about life.

This book, along with the other books in Rudner's collection, will charm their way into the imaginations of children everywhere. Barry Rudner is a writer of children's character-building self-esteem books and has been called a "Modern Day Dr. Seuss." Illustrated by Thomas Fahsbender.

ISBN10: 978-1-940775
ISBN13: 978-1-940775-11-1
Author: Barry Rudner
Publisher: Nick Of Time Media, Inc.
Publication Date:
Pages: 26
Age Range: K-6, Parents

Tim Hardin

A great story for those who feel uncertain of themselves. A good book to lift the spirits. 

confidence, differences, picture-book

 I think this book has a great message for children, no matter how big or small don't let anything make you give up on your dreams. Perseverance and confidence are taught in this story.

good-illustrations, chasing-dreams, not-giving-up, friends, family,fiction
Melissa Gregory

I love this book. It teaches many great lessons throughout. At the beginning of the story, the little boy feels very bad and sad about himself and thinks he is no good. Then a voice inside reminds him that size doesn't matter. Its all about chasing your dreams and never giving up on yourself. towards the end of the story he finally reaches some of his dreams and is no longer looked down upon. This would be a great book for kids in preschool-2nd grade. 

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